Pam Smith is President of PSmith Consulting (PSC), a project management firm helping organizations reach, serve, and advocate with socially marginalized groups. Pam established her company in 1999 after working in public affairs for 20 years; 15 years in management positions. PSC’s work involves social and action research, coalition building, and social marketing. In recent years, the company has conducted qualitative research for the Chicago Department of Public Health, Illinois Network of Charter Schools, Chicago Freedom School, and the Howard Area Community Center.


Pam has served as Director of Communications for the following organizations:

Obama for U.S. Senate, Primary Campaign (2003-04)
Rotary International (1996-99)
Cook County Board of Commissioners, Office of the President (1990-93)
Phelan for Cook County Board President (1989-90)
Women’s Health Care Consultants (1988-89)
Jesse Jackson for President Campaign Washington, DC (1987-88)
Portland Urban League (1984-87)

From 1993-95, Pam worked in Burundi and Benin, Africa, where she taught elementary school and assisted Beninese master teachers on a national education reform initiative. In the latter role, she assessed classroom methodologies, made recommendations on teaching techniques, and wrote curriculum modules. While living on the continent she visited slave ports as part of her family history project.

Pam has received national recognition for her work in race relations. In partnership with Professor Ann Neel, a descendant of the family that owned her family during slavery, she has conducted numerous presentations across the country helping people journey within to unearth deeply held stereotypes about people different from themselves. The two women have been featured in daily newspapers as well as on CBS Network News, LIFETIME Television, and the Oprah Winfrey Show. Pam and Ann are collaborating on a book project.

Pam recently opened The Sojourn Center, a focus group facility for multi-cultural voices.

Pam Smith holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Broadcast Management and Production from Bradley University, Peoria, IL (1980).